tcVISION is a cross-system solution for the timely, bidirectional data synchronization and replication based on changed data. It turns data exchange into a single-step operation. No middleware or message queueing is required. The data is exchanged in raw format, compressed and reduced to the processing of changed data. Unidirectional or bidirectional data transfers in real-time, time-controlled, or event-based are supported.

Programming effort and time effort for implementation and application of data exchange processes of all kinds are significantly reduced.
The synchronization solution is independent from database manufacturers and offers arbitrary combinations of source and target databases.
Unified and central application for mainframe, open server, cloud and hadoop platforms.
Reduction of resource consumption to a minimum – mainframe MIPS consumption is avoided.
Maximal data topicality – real-time replication across application and system boundaries.
Accountability and fail safety for all data movements
Real-time analytics
Big Data
Data warehousing
Business intelligence
Data quality management
Application modernization
Mainframe offload
Migration of data and systems
Cloud technologies
Hadoop clusters
Integrated Change Data Capture Technologies
tcVISION automatically detects data changes (insert, update, delete) to databases and files on the mainframe and on Linux, UNIX, MS-Windows – without programming effort.
Real-time or event-driven data exchange – also bidirectionally
tcVISION distributes the necessary change data to the target systems continuously, event-driven or in intervals – depending on the user's requirements.
Bidirectional data synchronization
tcVISION allows sychronizing data bidirectionally, loopback prevention is integrated.
No middleware necessary
tcVISION transfers data in "raw format" and compressed via TCP/IP.
Controlled data exchange
tcVISION provides many mechanisms to control data flow. This makes the data exchange revision-proof.
Efficient bulk transfer
tcVISION provides powerful bulk processors. Mass data transportation for initial load or cyclic data exchange is easy, fast and reliable. Recovery and backup formats can be used for this purpose.
Transaction safety
Only committed data changes are captured.
Data mapping
Integrated data mapping functions provide information on the structures of data sources and targets.
Metadata repository
The tcVISION repository contains all structure information, all replication rules, scripts for data transport and application to the target systems. It is the central place for control and surveillance of all exchange processes.
Data transformation and processing for the target systems
Comprehensive database- and system-specific conversion logic avoids programming effort and makes a fully automated data exchange process possible.

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