tcVISION v7 A new generation of excellence
A new generation of excellence

Highlights of the new version:

tcVISION V7 - The new generation of data replication excellence:
  • High degree of automation during implementation > easier, faster to achieve results
  • Intuitive, platform-independent GUI > less training effort, no mainframe skills necessary
  • Fast and easy installation of bi-directional replication through simple reversal of uni-directional replication
  • REST API for "unattended" control and monitoring of data synchronisation processes
  • Optimized for streaming mass data
  • Various change data capture methods that can be easily used in combination
  • Cost-efficient operation of the replication solution across all stages (implementation, data extraction, transformation, propagation)
tcVISION V7 saves time - costs - resources - Superior by design.


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