Even in times of COVID-19, interaction and communication with our customers and partners are extremely important and partnerships are essential for a successful, global representation. BOS cooperates successfully with well-established software vendors in South and North America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. The impressive number of customers around the world reflects the excellent relationship with our partners.

So far 9 conferences have been held by BOS. with their partners and the 10th conference was a special anniversary.

Due to the global pandemic and some still existing travel restrictions, this conference was held virtually. The different time zones were considered at the organization of the time slots for the sessions. The participation of the worldwide partners in the virtual conference was, of course, much higher than at the conference in Germany as there was no time to travel necessary. The teams of BOS and the partners who had been communicating with each other by email and telephone, etc. for a long time had the opportunity to “see” some of the contact persons for the first time during these virtual meeting sessions.

The conference took place in September and BOS presented the latest news on product developments to the partners and gave insights on the latest enhancements and an outlook on upcoming innovations and versions of the software solutions tcVISION and tcACCESS.

In addition, the feedback from partners contributes significantly to the market-oriented further development of the BOS solutions. The active dialog with customers and partners is an important factor and considerably influences the roadmap for the BOS solutions.

During the presentations the entire dynamics of information technology from Big Data, analytics, various database technologies to cloud computing were discussed. It was demonstrated and explained how the BOS solutions can be used with these new technologies.

Also examples of tcVISION implementation scenarios at customer sites were presented and explained.

The entire BOS team is happy about the great cooperation and is convinced that these partnerships are significantly contributing these days and in the future to the global recognition and the successful worldwide positioning of the software solutions tcVISION and tcACCESS.